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  1. Choose correct adaptor for the machine to be fitted. It may be necessary for the dealer to issue the client a point and adaptor to take on trial to ensure correct fitment. Some manufacturers have different tyne angles on similar named machine, e.g. the Connor Shea Scariseeder has two different tyne angles.
  2. See sketch below for the correct point angle. The points are designed to work and wear best at this angle. e.g. a point that is fitted too flat will wear the bottom off the point, and in turn, will wear the bottom off the adaptor.
  3. Take a little time to set up the adaptors:
    1. In the case of the GWDDA1 and GWDDA4 adaptors, it may be necessary to pack a washer between the adaptor and shank at either the top or bottom hole to achieve the correct angle.
    2. The GWDDAC and GWDDAC2 adaptors have a ledge at the top rear that rests against the tyne. It may be necessary to grind-off or add a bead of weld to this ledge to obtain the correct angle.
    3. With the GWDDAS and GWDDAS2 adaptor, simply slide the wedge up or down to obtain this angle.

rollpin Correct Point Angle:
The heel of the point must be 13mm (1/2') higher than the tip of the point

Roll Pin - 20mm x 6mm dia.

Keech: DD Points | DD Adaptors | Deep Tillage | Adaptors/Boots | Fitting Instructions

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