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Great Western Tillage is Australia's sole distributor for the world renowned
Rasspe-Schumacher range of high quality harvest components.

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Easy Cut II Cutting System

Schumacher - your partner for a smart cut! Clean-cut increases your harvest yields because cutting systems are prone to significant wear and therefore have to be checked frequently. Postponing the replacement of parts can cost you time and money through repairs downtime or less acres harvested.

Even a reduced driving speed of only 0.3 km/h over an average of 1,000 acres (400 hectares) performance can cause losses of thousands of dollars. Great Western Tillage offers the latest cutting technology with Schumacher Easy Cut II products.

In the Easy Cut II brochure › (Or see right) you can read how to replace parts, upgrade your existing Schumacher system or change over to the new Easy Cut II cutting system.

Or see the Easy Cut II catalogue ›   (600 KB PDF)

Schumacher Pro Drive Knifedrives

Schumacher Knifedrive

Pro Drive Knifedrive brochure
(120KB PDF)

The PRO DRIVE knife drives feature a planetary gear system. Epicyclic drive. This design results in an absolute linear movement of knifehead and knife. The full stroke length is always fully transferred to the knife.

The design of horizontal or vertical input drive versions allows use in many applications.

Schumacher Knifedrives provide:

  • High cutting speed;
  • Absolute linear knife movement;
  • No loss of stroke length;
  • Many applications
Schumacher Pro-Drive (Horizonal) Annimation

Pro-Drive (Horizonal) Annimation

Schumacher Pro-Drive (Vertical) Annimation

Pro-Drive (Vertical) Annimation


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