Tillage Disc Key Hole Configurations See also Disc Application Abbreviations

Issue Date 1st October 2008: Replaces all previous updates

Key Hole Configurations (Metric)
R170mm. RCH6 x 18.3mm RH on 56.5 PCR
R2Dome Centre 6 x 13.5mm Sq.Hole on 101.6 PCR
R320mm RCH3 x 17mm sq Clover Leaf Holes on 92 PCR
R425mm RCH4 x 11.9mm sq c/snk on concave side on 82.5 PCR
R521mm RCH6 x 13mm RH c/snk on concave side on 82.5 PCR
R626mm RCH4 x 13.5mm RH with 21mm sq.embossed on 89.7 PCR
R7100mm RCH6 x 22mm RH on 92.5 PCR
R878mm RCH 6 x 22mm RH on 95 PCR
R987.3mm RCH4 x 25.4mm Dimples on 101.6 PCR
R1046mm SCH 4 x 17mm x 20mm c/snk holes on 119 PCR
R11121mm RCH 6 x 21mm RH on 113 PCR
R1232mm SCH4 x 13.5mm sq. c/sunk holes on 115 PCR
R1352mm RCH5 x 10mm RH on 47.5 PCR
R1464mm RCH5 x 14mm RH on 54 PCR
R1564mm RCH 6 x 18mm sq.c/snk on 127 PCR
R1628.6mm RCH 5 x 12mm sq c/snk on 104.77 PCR
R1725.4mm RCH 4 x 18mm RH on 115 PCR
R18No Centre Hole5 x 7.1mm holes on 47.6 PCR
R1925.4mm RCH 3 x 10mm RH on 56.4 PCR
R2068mm RCH4 x 12.5mm RH on 50 PCR
R2170mm RCH4 x 18.3mm RH on 68.5 PCR
R2272mm RCH5 x 9mm RH on 48 PCR
R2352 mm RCH8 x 10mm RH on 47.5 PCR
R2430mm RCH6 x 8mm RH on 37.2 PCR
R2545mm RCH4 x 10.5mm RH on 38 PCR
R2625 mm RCH6 x 7mm RH on 36.5 PCR
R2775 mm RCH5 x 13 sq on 54 PCR
R28101.6 mm RCH4 x 13.5mm RH on 66.7 PCR
R2977mm RCH4 x 10.3mm RH on 55.85 PCR
R3089mm RCH4 x 14.3mm RH on 66.7 PCR
R3146 mm RCH4 x 18mm RH on 82.5 PCR
R3252mm RCH4 x 14mm RH on 82.5 PCR
R33101.6 mm RCH8 x 12mm RH on 146 PCR
R34108mm RCH6 x 14mm RH on 70 PCR
R3551.6mm RCH4 x 18mm RH on 82.6 PCR
R3696mm RCH6x13mm sq c'sunk on 76.2 PCR
R3746mm RCH6 x 7mm RH on 46 PCR
R3876 mm RCH4 x 12.7mm sq c/snk on concave side on 57.15 PCR
R39101.6mm RCH4 x 14mm sq on 66.7 PCR
R4050mm RCH7 x 7mm RH on 50.5 PCR
R41135mm RCH6 x 28mm RH on 112.5 PCR
R4245mm RCH5 x 7mm RH on 48 PCR
R4340mm RCH6x 10mm RH on 47.5 PCR
R4449.2mm RCH6x6.35mm RH on 36.5 PCR
R4552mm RCH6x10mm RH on 47.5 PCR
R4662mm RCH5x13.3mm sq holes on 54 PCR
R4795mm RCH4x13.5mm RH on 63.5 PCR &
4x13.5mm RH on 66.7 PCR
R4892mm RCH4x13mm RH on 63.5 PCR
R4999mm RCH4x12mm RH on 145 PCR
R5076mm RCH4x16mm sq holes on 101.5 PCR
R51106mm RCH6x17.5mm RH on 115 PCR
R5243mm RCH6x 9mm RH on 57.5 PCR
R5348mm RCH6x9mm RH c'sunk on 55 PCR
R5440mm RCH5x13mm RH on 75 PCR
R5575mm RCH6x13mm RH c'sunk on 52.5 PCR
R5620mm RCH6x10mm RH on 50 PCR
R5768mm RCH4x10mm RH c'sunk on 55 PCR
R5883.4mm RCH8x13mm RH on 152.4 PCR
R59102mm RCH5x16mm RH on 70 PCR
R60101.6mm RCH5x13.5mm RH on 82.55 PCR
R6192.7mm RCH4x15.8mm Rnd c'sunk on 63.5 PCR

See also: Disc Application Abbreviations

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