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Disc Abbreviations (used in references numbers)
'B' Radial bolt holes
'C' Coulters
'E' Embossed radial bolt holes
'F' Flat back
'R' Reverse flat back
'S' Scalloped
'W' Labrador fluted

Note: Any Disc reference number containing
the letter 'S' indicates that the Disc has a 'SCALLOPED' edge.
e.g. GW2625-S-92 is Scalloped Edge & GW2625-92 is Plain Edge.


Disc Types

PCR = Pitch Circle Radius
PCD = Pitch Circle Diameter

To Determine PCR: measure centre to centre, centre hole to radial hole.
RCH = Round Centre Hole
SCH = Square Centre Hole

BELBelmacENEnnor JDJohn Deere
BHBush HogEZYEzee-On KELKellow Built
BNLBonel BrosFLEXFlexicoil MFMassey Ferguson
CACaseGRGibbons Rawlings SHShearer
CHChamberlainGZYGrizzly STGRSteiger
CNConnor - Shea NapierHBHorwood Bagshaw TNRTowner Armstrong
CSConnor - SheaHGEHodge TWTaylorway
CWCountrywideIHInternational HarvesterWYWyperfield
DHDaniel HarveyJAJarrett

See also: Disc Key Information

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