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McTuff - Tungsten Carbide Surfacing

McTuff - tungsten carbide surfacing from McCoy Alternate McTuff - Weld on Points & Point Savers Alternate McTuff - Weld on Points & Point Savers Alternate McTuff - Feed Down Tynes / Point Alternate tillage - Fertiliser Knife Alternate tillage - Beet-Hoe Blades Alternate tillage - Crescent Hoe Blades

GWTUNGRIT 25mm Prolong the working life of ground engaging tools with tungsten carbide surfacing from McCoy.

Please nominate the number of inches required for each point, or contact us for advice.

Weld-on Points & Point Savers

DDK12T Keel / Tip to weld to pressed metal points - complete with Tungsten Tile & Keetuff

DDRPTT Weld on protector tip tungsten tiled ready to weld onto cultivator points

HA0008 1 1/4" Harrow point 8" Stump jump Weld-on

HNT001 17mm 5" long weld on replacement tip suitable for Harrington, DBS and other seeding systems

Feed Down Tynes / Points

FD00314H SHORT TYNE 2 Yeoman Chisel Plough, Graham Hoeme, Napier - Grasslands

FD00315H LONG TYNE 2 12mm thick material

FDCLAMP Clamp to Suit Feed Down Tynes (314 & 315), Includes Set Screw

Fertiliser Knife

GW3031311 9.5mm GWT13 Fertiliser Knife

GW303124 9.5mm GWT17 Fertiliser Knife

Beet-Hoe Blades

BH00010L 6" width 6mm, 2 x 3/8 bolt holes slotted from 32-57mm

BH00010R 6" width 6mm, Use Cup head bolts

Crescent Hoe Blades

CH60004L 60mm width 10mm, 2 x 3/8" bolt holes slotted from 32-57mm

CH60004R 60mm width 10mm, 8mm thick. Use Cup head bolts


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